Javier Jimeno Maté

Madrid. Spain

Alejandro Nafría

Xixón, Spain 

Sasha Asensio

Barcelona, Spain

Marina Solar

Edinburgh, Scotland

Jorge Pastor

Granada, Spain


Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Ben Gabbe

New York City, Usa.


Berlin, Germany

Fátima Martínez

Bogotá, Colombia

Hans-Maximo Musielik

CDMX, México

40 cities, 40 photographers, 40 days

Cities frozen in time, a global world paralyzed. 40 days …

The 40ncity project is a way to show how our cities have reacted to the threat of an invisible enemy. Its empty streets, emblematic spaces without the breath of inhabitants and travelers. And in the mornings that awakening of people who have to buy food or travel to their jobs.

A paradigm shift, where the most essential values will come to light.

This project is the attentive gaze of 40 photographers who, with their special point of view, show us those frozen cities. 40 cities, 40 photographers, 40 days. A world in quarantine.