Luis pita

Photographer and artist.

I've come a long way before I got to photography, which for me is linked to wandering around the city. I like the empty city, the streets without cars, the light on the buildings, the old shops, the stained walls. I almost never photograph people. But these days, when nothing is as it used to be, I’ve changed too: from flâneur to voyeur.

My house has only one balcony and going out to this balcony is like entering a big theatre, although I never really know if I am the audience or if I am in the centre of the stage...

When you look at the pictures I took from my balcony during the confinement most of them look like everyday images. People reading on their balcony, talking to people from other balconies or relaxing in the sun. What makes these images different is knowing their context, knowing that they were taken during those weeks when all of humanity was under house arrest. All equal, united for once in the same way of life, the same situation, that of not being able to leave our homes. Confined.

Luis Pita Moreno