Hans-Maximo Musielik

CDMX, México


German-Spanish documentary photographer and producer with permanent residency in Mexico for a bit more than fifteen years.

I am getting to about that time in a person´s life where the expression “…in my days…” is getting more common in my vocabulary. 

In any case, here some ideas in 140 characters, more or less:

A photograph has to speak for itself · I am fortunate enough to be able to spend time on personal projects which allow me to travel · I think street work is definitely more interesting than sitting in an office · Looking through a lens is committing the blur of a moment to memory · There is wisdom in knowing when to lower your camera and just wait and observe · 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken in 2017; sometimes I wonder, if less would be better for society to process · I travel with two passports and a permanent residence permit, but my sense of belonging still sucks big time · They say a picture is worth a thousands words, but sometimes reality around a picture is so complex that you need another thousand words to understand it · It is impossible fro  to perceive my home countries the same way I left them after breathing and working for so many years in the sociopolitical realities of Mexico, Central  and South America ·

 Never really won any award for my photography except an honorary mention at the National Mexican Journalism Award in 2017 for a photo-essay about the 2016 Haitian migration in Tijuana, Mexico, which was a great honor to receive as a foreigner. I know, it is redundant. 

Regarding my work and publications, just google my name. I am not big on social media at all and I do not have a web page, but I opened an Instagram just because of this virus situation.  So if you feel like it drop by and say hello.

Instagram: @hmm.urban