Jorge Pastor.

Granada. Spain


Graduate in Journalism at the University of Navarre. He practices his profession (and his vocation), journalism, in the newspaper Ideal from Granada. His career is supported by more than 10,000 articles and a dozen national and international awards. He has recently obtained the prestigious Concha García Campoy Journalism Award. He has also directed the web series ‘Tranvía Crucis’ and the documentary ‘Silencio en la sala’ (‘Silence in the movie theater’).

Jorge Pastor lives photography as a passion. ‘Art Mariage or the states of the soul’, ‘Genesis, land and skin’, ‘Red, the prohibited city’ and ‘Portrayed, chronicle of twenty looks that count lifes’ are among its main projects, spreading around Spain. He has also participated with his works ‘Inercia’ (‘Inertia’) and ‘Donde residen los sueños’ (‘Where dreams dwell’) in the joint exhibitions ‘Phobia’ and ‘Mujer’ (‘Woman’).

Instagram: @jorgepastors